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Convict Killer Fly - Capt. Scott Null Fly

Convict Killer Fly - Capt. Scott Null Fly

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If you spend a lot of time sight casting on the Gulf Coast’s shallow flats and backwater marshes, you will undoubtedly run across plenty of Sheepshead. That’s why Port O’Connor fishing guide, Captain Scott Null, set out to find an effective fly that would increase the odds of hooking up with these elusive fish. This fly excels because of how the the rabbit fur "breathes" in the water with even the slightest movement. An extra-small lead eye gives the fly just enough weight to get it to the bottom, yet light enough to land quiet and not scare off skittish fish. And even though this fly is designed to sight cast to Sheepshead, it works very well for Redfish and Black Drum too.
You can read more about how Capt. Scott Null fishes this fly in his Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine article. But generally speaking, get it in the path of a Sheepshead just close enough to get his attention and then let it sit on bottom until it finds it. As it approaches give it the smallest movement possible and be ready to set the hook on the slightest of tugs.
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Hook: Size 4 Gamakatsu SL12S 1XS Saltwater Fly Hook
Weedguard: No
Target species: Sheepshead, Redfish, Black Drum
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