about us

Los Pescadores is a gathering place devoted to the arts of coffee and fishing, and the community that these art forms inspire. There's more to our story though ...

So many variables go into crafting a set-apart coffee— especially a Los Pescadores cup. Our partnership with Eiland Coffee Roasters yields pure, single origin coffees that are exquisite to experience. Our coffee engages in an intricate choreography of elements including sourcing, producing, roasting, crafting, and delivering with kindness. From the pre-dawn work of picking coffee cherries to the delicate touch of the roasters; from the skill level of the barista to the warmth with which a cup is served, our process envelops and embraces integrity at every stage. The path to excellence is composed of individual steps, and every step of our process matters—deeply. But in the end, of course, you won’t perceive this effort—our coffee won’t feel like work. It will feel like art. Fragrant, transporting, and simply beautiful.

In the world of fly fishing, when plying a river, one of the most fertile places to prospect is at a confluence, a place where two flows meet. It offers the manna that brings more fish to feast on their favorite things.

Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters, has created nothing less than a confluence for those wanting to connect their own personal pursuits with the stuff that gives them the confidence to know - there’s an entire community of people here that appreciates this time, this place and these unique pursuits of taste, style, art and outdoor sports - like fly fishing the Lower Laguna Madre.

Los Pescadores on South Padre Island is a place that stores your memories, day-to-day and year-by-year. When you come back, you know the walls remember what you were talking about, and they remind you of your last thoughts as you continue to make your plans, or just pick up a conversation where you left off.

Whether you love great background music, while sipping your espresso, or a raucous nightlife sound of great Texas music meticulously researched from the newest musicians on the Texas Music Scene, the progression of a day inside Los Pescadores includes that daily transition from early morning opening - to late night conversations reviewing every detail of the day, or the one that got away, during the sunny days in between. Los Pescadores doors open first thing in the morning, and ends the day when the day when the walls say it’s time to go home.

Thankfully, you have found a resource that will help you field the often asked question, “… but what will I do all day while you’re out fly fishing?” Not only does Los Pescadores prepare the fly fisher for a successful day on the Lower Laguna Madre, we are also a starting point for those who don’t fly fish, but find themselves in an extremely exotic location wondering, “What am I going to do all day!” Los Pescadores is also for those who have been left behind by fly fishing. First, sit down, have a cup. Now, look around inside Los Pescadores and take it all in. Second, ask us what there is to do around the South Padre Island region. There are things to see and do, so many activities for all ages … we can’t begin to list them all here. And our knowledge of your options is constantly expanding! Be sure to check out the NEWS page for upcoming special events, regularly scheduled events and the fantastic family fun that can be found by directly connecting to local nature adventures. Our “To Do List” is your resource to use, or present to your family while you are otherwise unavailable - catching fish in the most beautiful habitat on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The Los Pescadores difference is that every detail was painstakingly considered, and ground into the perfect balance of flavors, products, art and outfitting supplies. We can’t carry everything, and we can’t be everything to everybody, but we distilled much of what you find, inside Los Pescadores, down to what we think pleases our patrons and is functional for the environment. That goes for the coffee, the art on display, the distinct clothing offerings, and the fly fishing outfitter that has invested time and knowledge to distill what works on the Tip-of-Texas from what is just more fluff. 

The name “Outfitter” seems to be all the rage along the Texas Hill Country range, but we take it seriously at Los Pescadores. Right now, the greatest emphasis in our Outfitting Department is pretty obvious; fly fishing. It was the second driver for the creation of Los Pescadores on South Padre Island, Texas. For now, we concentrate on fly fishing for a few simple reasons. First, the Lower Laguna Madre is a mecca on the Texas Gulf Coast for fly fishing. We are prepared to outfit and provide information to fly fishers from down the street, or around the world.

And the love of fly fishing can start with a curious itch; what is this? Or, “I’ve always wanted to try fly fishing.” Qualified staffers can schedule casting lessons to scratch that itch! We also have guide resources that are ready for your first trip, or your next trip. If you have already fished the Lower Laguna Madre, the Jetties or offshore? You know the demands of this area are brutally unforgiving, and can exact a cost on your weaknesses - in gear, in preparation and in knowledge.

At Los Pescadores Outfitters, information and knowledge comes free, and freely! We are happy to share the oldest common knowledge and the latest fly that works, and if we don’t know, we will let you know that as well. Sometimes we know what we don’t know, and sometimes we don’t! We will always appreciate what you share with us as well.

We also back our knowledge with great fly fishing gear, selected for the sole reason of catching fish in this area. We don’t carry mountain trout rods, and we don’t carry elk-hair caddis flies. Sure, if you want to give the overcrowded Rockies a go, we can order you the gear to get there, but our focus is right here in South Texas. The hyper saline Lower Laguna Madre is a proving ground for gear, and we carry the gear we believe will pass the test because it is the same gear we use every chance we get to hit the water.


Los Pescadores is a place you can come for “the rest” that is the rest of the story. It’s a story about community, comfort and a unique view to watch life pass by right in front of us. We tell stories, many of them possibly true, on story nights. We have demonstrations in coffee art, fly tying and just about anything that seems interesting - but always legal! Simply enjoy life, or let your amazing adventures begin at Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters on South Padre Island in Spring of 2023.