SO WHAT IS A "DESTINATION" FLY SHOP?A destination fly shop is what you find when you get to where you're going. We invite fly fishers from all over the world to discover what some of us discovered long ago - The Lower Laguna Madre. And we also invite you to stay, become part of the community, become part of the story, part of history that hasn't been made yet.
It has been a start that would make some people turn and run away, but Los Pescadores is driving ahead in an effort to bring a new experience, a new perspective in retail, food & drink, and a lasting community to South Padre Island, Texas.

AS WE CONTINUE BUILDING YOUR DESTINATION Fly Shop, Los Pescadores concentrates on what any fly fisher, from anywhere, would need to walk out the door, and walk into the Lower Laguna Madre and fish with a fly. We realize some people arrive at Los Pescadores with a wealth of fly fishing knowledge, and some arrive never having held a fly rod!
At Los Pescadores, we are ready for fly fishers with all levels of experience. As the community of fly fishers begins to congregate at Los Pescadores, answers to your questions may be found at the coffee bar all day, every day. A perfect stranger could have that one answer you've been looking for.
So if you just need information, we have that. If you just need a fly, a leader or some other forgotten item? we probably have that too. Our number two goal? It is to get it for you if we don't have it.
If you are a Boca Chica SpaceX local, and looking for a challenge closer than going to Mars? Maybe you are ready for some casting lessons, and expand that to classes on the water, or fly tying sessions!


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