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A strong team is essential to any elevated experience. At Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters we are devoted to assembling a staff that exudes warmth, wisdom, and humility. We hope to craft a special, set-apart experience for our customers—imbuing every cup of coffee with generosity, and even the smallest interactions with grace. And we recognize that the impact we can have—our potential to serve others– is dependent upon the team we create. 
Whether you can contribute wisdom and insight as a member of our fly-fishing sales team and or you’d like to join us as a barista, we invite you to reach out to via the contact form below!


Coffee connoisseur

Hiring experienced baristas with a true appreciation for the art of coffee. In our baristas, we seek a dedication to excellence and a humble spirit and willingness to serve.

Coffee shop manager

A position that combines an innate understanding of coffee with the ability to manage and inspire a team. Exercise your leadership skills and hone your artistry as a manager of all things coffee related.

Angling Specialists

Contribute your knowledge and expertise as a valued member of our fly fishing sales team. We are especially looking for those specialists who are willing to engage customers with warmth, kindness, courtesy, and occasionally stories drawn from their own fishing days.

Fly shop Manager

Your fly fishing mastery finds one of its highest expressions in this managerial role. Not only will you provide indispensable knowledge to customers, you will also oversee our staff and facilitate the seamless operation of our fly fishing shop.

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