Plastics Vs Feathers Classic

July 27th, 2024 Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters South Padre Island, TX



Join us at our first annual Feathers V. Plastics tournament hosted by Los Pescadores Coffee& Outfitters located in South Padre Island. This will be a strictly Catch & Release Redfish Tournament judged by the length and weight of your stringer; tie breaker being the biggest of the Redfish between the tied entries.Entries will be $200per angler competing in the tournament and limited to 100 entries in total.


WHAT: Feathers v. Plastics Classic
WHEN: July 27, 2024
FIRST CAST: 7:00 am
CHECK IN: 3:00 pm @ Los Pescadores

WHERE: 410 Padre Blvd. Suite 111 South Padre Island, TX. 78597
WHEN: Friday, July 26, 2024 6:00 pm-9:00 pm


Rules & Regulations

Participation and eligibility:

Participation in this tournament is open to anyone with a paid entry. All minor anglers must be accompanied at all times of the tournament by a legal guardian of 18 years or older. Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

Boat Requirements:

All entered boats must have all safety items required by the US Coast Guard. All outboards shall not exceed the maximum horsepower rating of US Coast Guard.

State Laws:

All state local and federal laws must be obeyed. It is the responsibility of the angler to know and abide all laws.

Angler’s Registration:

Pre Registration will be available online, at Los Pescadores, and last call will be at the Captain’s Meeting hosted on Fri. July 26, 2024 at Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters. It will be a $200 entry per angler. No limits to anglers per boats


Driver of each vessel must have an emergency kill switch connected any time the outboard is in gear. NO alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed during the hours of the tournament.


All anglers entered in the tournament are expected to show true sportsmanship and common courtesy at all times. All vessels and/or waders are not allowed within 100 yards of another Tournament Competitor while fishing. No angler at any time shall block an entry to a fishing area that is considered as a public waterway.

Fishing Times:

First cast will be allowed at 7:00 am on Saturday, and all anglers must have a last submission no later than 3:00 pm to determine the winners. All anglers not checked in by 5:00 pm at Los Pescadores will receive a half inch penalty and all anglers not checked in by 5:30 pm at Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters will be disqualified from the awards ceremony.

Permitted Fishing Area:

The allowed fishing area for the Feathers v. Plastics Tournament is as far south as the Port of Brownsville Ship Channel as far north to the East Cut in Port Mansfield, TX. Any fishing done outside of the allowed areas will be grounds for disqualification.


Angler's combined weight shall consist of (2) TWO Red Drum (20”-28”). All fish entered must be over 3 lbs. Only the angler is permitted to submit fish contributing to angler’s combined weight of the (2) Red Drum. After any angler submits their Red Drum over the 3 lb minimum to tournament officials, that angler may still submit a heavier Redfish throughout the day within tournament hours. No angler is to return with a Red Drum to the weigh-in. Dead fish penalty of 1 lb. will apply to angler’s combined weight. Each angler is responsible for ensuring tournament officials have received and accepted all Red Drum Submission Videos. In case of any video discrepancy, each angler is responsible for retaining and providing proof of Submission Video(s) at time of check-in. Each angler will be assigned a Tournament Certified Digital Scale and a designated Angler’s Card Number to display within the Submission Video.

Each Angler will be responsible for a $50 deposit prior to receiving the digital scale during registration. All scales are expected to be returned at Awards Ceremony. Failure to return the digital scale will result in a forfeited deposit.

The following Video Submission Guidelines should be as follows:

  • Angler member who catches a fish for Tournament Submission must be within the compliant hours of the tournament and within proper fishing methods of the tournament.
  • Along with the Submission Video, a text with the anglers full name, card number, length and weight of the submitted catch shall be attached.
  • Submissions will be accepted by Airdrop, Bluetooth Pairing, Text, WhatsApp, and USB.
  • The fish submitted must clearly be alive and angler within the video submission include. “ My name is “—-“ my Angler number is “—-“ it is “—-“ o’clock, and this is a “—“ pound redfish, “—-“ inches long. “
  • Scale must be zeroed and clearly shown at zero on the video prior to putting the fish on the scale.
  • Entire fish, including the tail, is shown being weighed and then placed on a certified measuring stick to record the measurement of the fish.
  • Redfish will then be removed from the scale and released back. A full video of a successful release ONLY will be accepted for submission.
  • All submissions should be done by no later than 3:00 pm to Tournament Officials on Tournament day. No exceptions.

For further information please contact Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters at (956)596-0558 or to secure sponsorship packages and more details.
Thank you.

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