Robert the Fly-Fisher

Robert the Fly-Fisher
Rob Trout On Dries is a talented blogger, on an unforgettable adventure. Rob has just returned from an incredible journey to the mesmerizing lower Laguna Madre and is eager to share his thrilling exploits with you. Read about his journey here and
the breathtaking sights as he takes you along during the winter months of LLM. Don't miss out on this captivating adventure. Visit Rob's blog at and let your imagination cast you into his experience here in the LLM where we call home. (Click his picture to be directed to his blog)

Let us take you on a journey through the life of a true fishing enthusiast, Robert. Picture this: a Canadian, born and raised in the vibrant city of Montreal. This individual's passion for fishing was ignited at a young age, and over 50 years later, it still burns brightly. With a background in Clinical Psychology and a long and successful career in the Health Service sector, this person's love for fishing always found a way to shine through.

Living in the breathtaking Crowsnest Pass, Alberta for over two decades, Robert has had the privilege of exploring the wonders of this picturesque region. Fly fishing has been a constant companion throughout his life, with trout being the primary target. But it doesn't stop there. He has taken leave from his career on multiple occasions to guide others in their pursuit of trout, from the tranquil Kenauk Lodge in Quebec to the majestic Futaleufu Lodge in Patagonia, Chile.

Retirement brought even more opportunities to indulge in this beloved hobby. While no longer working full-time, Robert now spends his days at the Crowsnest Angler Fly Shop, sharing his knowledge and passion with others. And when the fishing season arrives, he embarks on various adventures across the globe. Picture breathtaking landscapes and pristine waters as he sights fish for trout in Argentina's Patagonia, the South Island of New Zealand (a place hailed as the best for big trout), and their very own backyard in Alberta. He also explored the trout-filled waters of British Columbia, Montana, and Idaho, always seeking new challenges and experiences.

But it's not just freshwater that captivates our angler. They've ventured into the world of saltwater fishing, too. He loves wading through the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas, chasing after elusive bonefish. He loves the thrill of battling snook on the Florida Gulf Coast and pursuing roosterfish on foot in Baja. And just recently, he has added SPI Redfish to his list of conquests, making three successful outings. Rob is certainly someone we can learn the art of fly-fishing from, thanks for stopping by Rob! 
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