Meet Eddy Arenas Jr

Meet Eddy Arenas Jr
Meet Eddy, a true Texan who was born and bred in the deep south of Texas. From the moment he could hold a fishing rod, it was clear that fishing would become his lifelong passion. But it wasn't just any type of fishing - Eddy was drawn to the art of fly fishing, and he found his sanctuary in the waters of the Lower Laguna Madre. 

One day fishing, as he is taking in the beauty of the lagoon, he realizes that there is so much others are missing out on. So Eddy decides to pick up another instrument that is used to fuel his newfound passion for cinematography and photography, a camera. He captures the breathtaking beauty of the lagoon through the lens of it. The stunning cinematography and photography he creates serve as a testament to the raw beauty that can be found in this hidden gem of a fishing spot.

Inspired by his adventures and his desire to share the beauty of the Lower Laguna Madre with others, Eddy founded Feed 'Em Flies. The name of his venture was born on a slow day out on the flats, where Eddy tirelessly searched for those finicky Texas Redfish. As he pole-danced his way through what felt like an endless journey, it suddenly struck him - he was just "feeding fish flies". And thus, the idea for Feed 'Em Flies was born.

But it's not just about the incredible catches or the stunning visuals. The lagoon has become Eddy's greatest teacher, offering valuable lessons on patience, perseverance, and the sheer joy of living in the moment.

Not only is he incredibly enthusiastic about fishing and photography, but he also finds joy in sipping a good cup of craft coffee. Talented as he is, he’s able to pick up any skill fast. From tying flies and making lattes, you’re sure to find him in our shop somewhere. 
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