Great TExas Birding Classic Nearing!

Great TExas Birding Classic Nearing!

Now Is the Time to Sign Up!
The registration deadline for the Great Texas Birding Classic is just under one month away! Register today to join this fun, friendly, birdwatching event. There are categories for all ages and skill levels (including beginners!), so select the one that works best for you.

Thanks to all teams who have already signed up! For those still gathering the team, be sure to register by the April 1st deadline to take part in this fun event for conservation.
Registration Deadline: April 1
Tournament Days: pick any day from April 15-May 15 to participate
Reminder: Big Sit! is the only tournament category with one or more people to a team. All other tournament categories have 3-5 people per team


How It Works
How to participate: easy step-by-step process on how to register.
Online registration: sign-up and access all materials quickly and easily.
Tournament date flexibility: Choose your participation day(s) on the fly! Plan your dates based on weather, personal schedules, etc.
Tournament categories: "Dispersed Flock" and "Intact Flock" categories give teams options to participate remotely from one another or together, so explore the different categories to see which is a fit for you. There is something for everyone, regardless of birdwatching experience, age, ability, or location.
Facebook: Stay in touch in real time by checking us out on Facebook. We'd love to see photos from teams in the field, birds and other critters you see, birding gear, funny shots of your team, and more. Share your pics by email and we'll post them!
Remember - it's for the birds! Registration fees and sponsorship dollars go toward Conservation Grants for birding, nature tourism, and habitat restoration and enhancement projects throughout the state, and select winning teams will help choose which projects are funded. The more teams that register, the more funds raised and awarded through grants!

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