Finally Home- Los Pescadores South Padre Island Texas

Finally Home- Los Pescadores South Padre Island Texas
New Padre Island Home for the Fly Fishing and Coffee Community
Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters, LLC, is happy to tell viewers and those waiting patiently; we have secured a lease on South Padre Island, Texas, at 410 Padre Boulevard Suite 111.

If you are not sure about where that is? We are nicely snuggled in between Tuesday Morning and the new location on the corner for Tropical Smoothie. Yes, it's a sweet spot.

Our new digs are spacious, or will be eventually, as we begin the phased demolition and rebuilding of approximately 3400-square-feet at that location.

We are about coffee, community and the give-and-take sharing of things that matter to our community. I have said it in lectures and interviews, and it sums up this way: I would rather see you than sell you! The most important thing is a comfortable place that you can stay - for as long as you like, or until the lights go out!

We chose a location that is close to the Jetties and the massive condos so that people can simply walk over, maybe get a hit of great coffee, check the tides and tied flies - and put together their plans for a great day on the Island.

As building begins, you will be able to see - on the Los Pescadores YouTube Channel, our progress through my progress reports. And as help arrives, we will be introducing the staff that will become an integral and valued part of the Los Pescadores community.

It's a bit difficult to even begin to explain all the work going on behind the scenes, but you have seen a lot of my efforts front-and-center in the Los Pescadores Online Store. Well, that store will be going into hyperdrive in coming weeks, and your chances of finding me for a shot at some free stuff is very good as well.


REBRANDING - With the unpredicted change from Port Isabel to South Padre Island, comes some truly DEEP DISCOUNTS on our in-house Los Pescadores brand. Be sure to check those out in the store! Consider yourself an owner of a true "collectible" if you get in line now to purchase the "Port Isabel" sub-title.
ART - I am finalizing a lot of art related purchasing. It's a limb I am actually walking out on without a net, but that is how much I believe in the artists and artwork I will be bringing to the Island. This work is GREAT! AND I am still needing more South Padre Island art! If you are an artist, feel free to CONTACT ME and we will be glad to take a look at your work. This new space is HUGE, and we have a lot of room for not only art, but potentially muralists as well. Maybe if I say, HUGE one more time? you'll get the idea.

HANG ON TIGHT EVERYBODY! It's about to be an exciting ride!
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