Andres Spinetti

Andres Spinetti
Andres Spinetti - Conservational Conversationalist, Big Trout Advocate, & Los Pescadores staff writter.

Andres Spinetti is a south texas lifelong local. He grew up missing out on fly fishing in the LLM for most of his life. When he turned 12, he came face to face with a fly rod, and his life changed from that point on. After harassing bass and carp that resided in his local country club, he moved on to the fishery he would soon call home, the Lower Laguna Madre. In 2014, he set foot on the first skiff that ever showed him the wonders of our lagoon—a hells bay professional owned by one of his eventual friends and mentors, Tim Obrien.

Throughout the following years, andres found himself skipping school to share a skiff with Obrien. On March 27th, 2016, he met one of the biggest influences he would ever come to know, Rick Hartman. Andres attributes a lot of his early-found success to Hartman. For the next three years, andres learned the lessons of our salty waters from Obrien and Hartman. In 2019, Andres finally got his first skiff, a 2003 Maverick HPXT. That was when the tide truly turned, and andres spent virtually every minute he could on the water. A student of the fishery. Fast forward to today, Andres now guides out of a Chittum LM2. Despite some of his successes, he still finds himself an avid student of the fishery.

As of today, andres is trying to promote and protect the World Class fishery we are lucky to have here for speckled trout. He lives for that stuff. You can often find andres on a muddy spoil bank on the back of his skiff, scanning for a big trout, where ever she may lay. Andres has recently also started a podcast called The Laguna Podcast, where he records the lives of the people who have been doing this before him. An attempt to showcase the amazing people and stories of the lower Laguna Madre. He is also working on a few other undisclosed projects to illustrate the beauty of our waters truly.
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