Thomas & Thomas Sextant 4pc. rod

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Coffee and fly-fishing are perhaps not the most intuitive of pairings—that is, until you experience Los Pescadores. Although you may not expect to find a fly-fishing shop adjacent to a coffeehouse, the two nevertheless create a captivating harmony.

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A Journey in Every Sip

Our hope is that the moment you taste this coffee, you are transported. An Ethiopian coffee, redolent with notes of jasmine flower and bergamot, evokes the lushness and fragrance of a night garden, whose flowers bloom to the light of the moon.

Bagged Coffee
    • O'Pros Custom Landing Net - Mid Length

      Jason R.

      Being an avid angler, I've tried my fair share of fishing accessories, and these are a game-changer. From the durable tackle box to the high-quality lures, every piece in this set screams quality.

    • Carlos M.

      The ergonomics of the rod, the strategic placement of compartments in the tackle box – it's clear that every detail has been carefully considered.

    • Florida Fishing Products OSPREY 3000

      Grace L.

      Reliability is key when it comes to fishing, and these accessories deliver. The sturdy rod, corrosion-resistant hooks, and robust line instill confidence.

    Fly Fishing Film Tour

    The 17th annual FLY FISHING FILM TOUR (F3T) presented by Costa, YETI and Simms is back in action and hitting the road with a top notch selection of short films that are sure to get you fired up for the season ahead.

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    We are located on South Padre Island