Meet our shop Manager

Meet our shop Manager
Alex, the shop manager, finds his role as our Fly Guy on the Los Pescadores team. With his passion for everything outdoors in South Texas; it has led Alex to a great deal of organizations, connections, and experiences that bring a different perspective to the table. Through the lens of his camera, Alex has shaped a vision of fly-fishing and the future of it for us in the Lower Laguna Madre. Accenting the art behind fly-fishing, the photos he takes showcase a perception of someone who’s thoughts are completely wrapped around, what he calls, being at the right place at the right time. 

              He has devoted countless hours to the endless learning curve of what we call our fishery and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. We believe this kind of initiative of being behind the scenes of the fishery, is essential to our team. Besides being a full-time employee at the shop, his mind is always in a bay system somewhere, mostly likely very close by. We highly recommend striking a conversation over a cup of coffee with him, he’s an open book on everything outdoors.

              Over the course of what Alex details, he resonates appreciation toward the people who taught him everything he knows today. He often recalls the names and stories of the folks that have all played a roll in helping him shape his ever growing vision.
              With a background in all things fly-fishing; we trust Alex will be the guy you need to get with when you’re looking for your next adventure. Interested in fly-fishing South Padre Island? What about Isla Mujeres, Mexico? Anchorage, Alaska? Alex is the guy; a phone call away from getting you on your way in style and with people he knows that will send you back home with a story to tell.

              Alex has a special way of telling his story through the photographs he’s constantly aspiring to capture and the conversations he’s always engaged in. Editing photos, gathering inspiration and knowledge over a black cup of coffee as a pass time. 
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